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Artful, Pocket Friendly Web and Graphic Design

Unique Logo Design

The most important aspect of any brand is it's logo. I will help you create an awesome brand image without the hefty costs of regular branding agencies and without the copyright infringement dangers of using crowd sourcing websites. I'll help you make your company vision a reality.

Mobile Friendly Websites

Beautiful, modern and fully responsive website creation. What is fully responsive? It means your site will display equally as beautiful on any smart phone, mobile or tablet. All my designs are clean and use web compliant HTML, CSS and javascript. English, Italian and French website translations also available (because Google translate is simply not acceptable!)

I make it, you Print it!

I'll create your unique designs for printing. A wide variety of items such as (but not limited to) stationary, pamphlets, flyer's or postcards or business cards to help set you apart. I use the latest software so your printer will have no problems rendering the files. Let's be honest, free templates downloaded 100000's of times are just not cool


A small taste of what my creative juices have made

Responsive website

Betty-Jo Tilley Real Estate

Logo and website

Responsive website

Babies Moments

Logo Design

Kidzoi logo

Kidzoi - Because We Care -

Logo Design

Junarios Chile Oil

Junario's Chile Oil

Logo Design

Lola Sonoma Organic Bee Farm

Lola Sonoma

Logo Design

Breakfast Revolution

Logo Design

Box Design .Ltd

Website Design

Hood River Organic

Logo Design

Deja Vu

Logo Design

Beach Ice

Logo Design

Ahh! Aloha

Logo Design

Epiya Chapeyu Camp

Website Design


Who is this uber creative person?

  • 1995

    How it All Began

    My first computer was in 1995. I needed it for a school thesis but I immediately fell in love with MS paint! It was incredible that i could actually draw something on a PC and color it in! I had always painted on canvas with oils and tried various other mediums such as chalk and oil pastels. But drawing on a PC (with a MOUSE!) was probably what sparked my deep passion for digital graphic design. It remained a hobby while i went on to university to study International Relations. In 2003 I bought my very first set of adobe design software to create and customize my own templates and print products for an ebay store I had.

  • June 2004

    A Designer is Born

    I taught myself HTML and took on-line classes to learn the ins and outs of Photoshop and illustrator. Soon, sellers all over ebay started asking me to create templates, logos and business cards/posters for them too. I had such a following that I used my acquired HTML skills and started creating websites for sellers that wanted a secondary web presence outside of ebay to promote themselves. I started doing this full time for the next few years.

  • December 2008

    Transition to Full Fledged Designer

    I slowly moved away from ebay and concentrated on brand creation and websites for small to medium businesses around the world. I decided it was of the utmost importance to work closely with all my clients and ensure a high standard of quality and communication. Today I spend my time creating beautiful websites, logos and print media for beautiful people like you! In my spare time I still paint with oils and acrylics and create crochet amigurumi toys (Like the married mice in the photo) which I occasionally sell. So, if you need to make your presence felt on the web....

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